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jenny ho

Yoohoo! Calling all SPM students and teachers!

Hi everybody,
Welcome to the new English Corner for SPM students.
This is a site where you can ask me 
anything about English and I will try my best
to help you.

Many students are weak in essay writing and
they often have trouble starting their essays
so I've decided to maintain this part.

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How to write a good introduction

Ramai pelajar saya selalunya menghadapi masalah memulakan esei.
1.  Use of definition
     Menggunakan definisi -
     A friend is someone who knows the worst about you and still
     loves you just the same.
2.  Use of dialogue -
     Cara ini adalah sesuai untuk memulakan sebuah cerita.
     Misalnya, "Help! Fire!" Ahmad screamed.

3.  Use of a story (mengguna satu cerita pendek) 
     Leela, 16, used to hang out after school at a shopping complex.
     She feels that it is not a waste of time as there is nobody at home 

4.  Use of a proverb or sayings
     Menggunakan pepatah kata atau peribahasa
5.  Use of statistics/facts
     Menggunakan statistik/fakta  untuk sesuatu topik.
     Misalnya:    In a recent survey, it was found that only 2 per cent
     of students read the newspapers.

 Last updated:  March 2003

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